Simplify Your Coaching or Consulting Business

Increase Your Impact


A System That Works For You

Never miss an opportunity with our Web-to-Text Chat bot installed on your website and our unique Missed Call Text Back automation.


Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Make sure you're always focused on your biggest opportunities with our Client Relationship Manager and fully customizable Sales Opportunity Pipelines


Improved Communication

Capture all client and prospect communication in a centralized hub, including email, phone, and social media.


Build Your Business with Backup

Take advantage of live onboarding calls, weekly live support calls and 24/7 live chat support.

Automated Email Marketing

Create targeted and effective email sequences to generate more business and grow your client base.

• Create and customize email sequences for specific outreach campaigns.

• Improve the effectiveness of your outreach efforts by targeting specific groups of potential clients.

• Increase your chances of conversion by sending targeted and effective emails.

Integrated Calendar Booking

Streamline your booking process and save time. Our appointment scheduling tools allow you to set your availability, let clients book appointments online, and send reminders automatically.

• Pull booking conflicts from unlimited calendars synced with your Google or Outlook calendars

• Schedule appointments directly from the platform and automatically add them to your calendar

• Fully customizable reminder and follow-up sequences

Social Media Scheduler

Increase your social media engagement and save time by scheduling posts in advance with's intuitive social media scheduler.

• Plan and schedule posts ahead of time to ensure a consistent social media presence and increase engagement with your audience

• Easily manage multiple social media accounts from one platform, streamlining your social media strategy and saving time

• Stay ahead of the competition and grow your coaching business with an effective social media strategy that drives traffic and boosts conversions

"Everything was systemized. Everyone had been responded to. We've never had more students, but it wasn't like the inbox was sitting full. We’ve booked like a million trials, everything was like super neat and tidy. All the social media is booked for like three months or something. I was like, this is amazing. This is what it should be like, because now we can hit that stage of growth without, I thought I was going to have to get like 15 hours a week of customer service to serve the new customers, because new customers are a lot of customer service. But I don’t need to do that now. Like, oh, my gosh, this is a miracle."

Holly Gannon, Director of Fantasy Fitness and Dance Studio

Website Builder

Build a professional and personalized website to attract potential clients and grow your coaching business with's user-friendly website builder.

• Customize your website to match your brand and messaging with easy-to-use design tools.

• Build a website that stands out and attracts potential clients with beautiful templates and intuitive features.

• Expand your online presence and build your coaching or consulting business with a professional website that reflects your expertise and personality.

Funnel Builder

Streamline your sales process and generate more leads with's powerful funnel builder.

• Easily create customizable sales funnels to match your business needs and sales process.

• Automatically track progress through each stage of the funnel and optimize performance.

• Improve lead conversion rates and close more deals with a streamlined and efficient sales process.

Learning Course Builder

Create and sell high-quality online courses to monetize your expertise and grow your coaching business with's easy-to-use course-builder.

• Quickly and easily create professional-looking courses that reflect your unique coaching style and message.

• Monetize your expertise and create a new revenue stream for your coaching business by selling courses to a global audience.

• Provide value to your clients and establish yourself as an industry expert with high-quality, informative online courses.

"I recently moved my website over to SalesEdge, and I just wanted to give a big shout out to Jeremy DeMerchant and the team over at SalesEdge, because in the past two weeks, yes, two weeks, I've been able to add 260 new quality leads because of his system. Not only does he do these wonderful group calls so I can get answers all of my questions that I have, and also any of my team's questions. It is a system that just works. I love having everything in one platform, no more having to go to this website and that website to connect everything together[...] or maybe you need even a bandaid. That's how my business has been for years. It is so wonderful to have everything in one platform, one communication platform that I could keep all of the conversations with all of the leads in one place. I cannot thank you enough. I absolutely adore sales edge. The more I keep diving in, I just keep finding more and more reasons to love it."

Laurie-Ann Murabito, Speaking Coach and Business Strategist

More Features


AI Content Writer

Mobile App

Client-Facing Course App

Affiliate Manager


Email Campaign Tracking

Marketing Campaign Tracking

Activity Tracking

A/B Email & Funnel Testing


Integrated calling and texting

Call recording

Surveys & Forms

Workflow Management

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Blog, a product of Permission To Sell Consulting Group Ltd. @ Copyright 2024